REACT Features

REACT: We Know Websites

We're 20-year e-commerce vets. And we were tired of getting burned by platforms that claimed to be e-commerce, but were actually built and run by people who had never done it before.

So we built REACT.

From the ground up, we built REACT to be focused on getting websites exactly right.

www.The.Rodeo's REACT Platform: The easiest website builder on earth
www.The.Rodeo's REACT Platform: The easiest website builder on planet earth

REACT: Simple. Fast. Mobile Ready.

REACT is built from the ground up on the web's most cutting edge technology including Angular, Polymer and Laravel:

 -Simple drag-n-drop editor
 -100% mobile friendly
 -Fast loading, snappy websites
 -Plugins to get new customers: GiveawayGateway and RodeoFeed

REACT: Excellent, Easy E-Commerce

From Products to Payments: REACT is a complete Platform.

 -Ridiculously simple product builder
 -Drag and drop products onto your web pages
 -Organize your products easily using hashtags
 -Free, real-time shipping calculations
 -Real-time inventory management

www.The.Rodeo's REACT Platform: Easily add products to your website
www.The.Rodeo's REACT Platform: Pre-built checkout pages get you up and running ast

REACT: Pre-built checkout pages

Sales made Simple.

All React E-Commerce packages come with pre-built checkout pages so you can get your site up and running quickly.

You're a product expert, not a website expert. So why waste time building a checkout process? Our pre-built checkout pages allow you to focus on what you do best: your products.