REACT Features

Essential Features

Once your site is built and delivered, enjoy the features listed here

Simple Drag-n-Drop Editor
Our REACT website platform is simple and intuitive. Built in-house, our primary goal was to insure anyone can use it.
100% Mobile Friendly
Mobile traffic accounts for a huge percentage of website visits. If you're not 100% mobile-friendly, you're not even in the game.
Reliable Hosting
We own two geographically separate data centers, so your website will always be available, and backed up every single day.
Your Own Domain Name
Your website shines brightest when it has its own domain name. We've got you covered.
Limitless Pages
Your website's pages are as limitless as your creativity. Create as many as you like.
Fast Loading Websites
We built REACT on a super-fast, modern toolkit powered by Lumen PHP and Angular.
We're Real Humans
We're not some giant company with a fancy name. We answer phones. We answer emails. We're here for you.
Beautiful UI
REACT features a beautiful UI that you will enjoy using everyday.
Business Features
Search Engine Optimization
You want to be found, and we want to help. REACT website builder is designed from the ground up to engage hand in glove with search engines.
Search Engine Marketing
E-Commerce packages all come with an automatic $25 credit for use in Search Engine Marketing tools like Google AdWords or Facebook ads.
Run Facebook Ads
Grow traffic or sales using a complimentary $25 credit for Facebook ads or Search Engine Marketing tools like Google AdWords.
Auto-generated Sitemap
REACT website builder does the heavy lifting by dynamically creating and perfectly optimizing your website's sitemap to get you found by Google.
Custom Landing Pages
Easily and quickly create custom landing pages for each marketing effort, making it easy to track your campaign's effectiveness.
Multiple Logins
Create multiple accounts for company employees and make it easy to spread the workload.
Online Store Features
Simple Product Creation
Our intuitive dashboard makes it simple to quickly and easily create new products, add inventory and generate skus.
Drag-n-Drop Product Display
Add a product, or products, to your web pages by simply click-and-dragging the product widget onto the page.
#Hashtags For Categories
No building long category lists. Just attach a hashtag to your product and automatically sort it.
Coupon Codes
Easily create coupon codes to tantalize new customers or run a seasonal sale.
Free Shipping Quotes
There's no pay-to-play here. Your customers get real-time shipping prices from UPS, FedEx and USPS, all for free!
Email Marketing
All Freelancer and E-Commerce accounts receive complimentary access to MEGAPHONE, our best-in-class Email Marketing Platform.
Pre-built Checkout Pages
Get up and running quickly using our pre-built checkout pages.
Multiple Payment Methods
Accept credit cards, PayPal, and even BitCoin!*
Simple Site Search
#Hashtags make it easy. Just add the appropriate #hashtag to your products and they will be returned in product searches.
Product Statistics
Your products automatically record viewership and interactivity, giving you insight into your product reach.
Email Marketing Features
Complete Solution
Our MEGAPHONE Email Marketing Platform is a complete software suite which can handle 100% of your company's customer communications.
100% Free!
Lots of platforms charge you money to communicate with your customers. We think that's crazy. That's why MEGAPHONE comes free with all Freelancer and E-Commerce packages!
Beautiful HTML campaigns, user-friendly templates, built-in scheduling, customer can update their own data.
Personalize using demographic data and placeholders, send attachments, easily upload images for a campaign or simply send a web page.
Automatically track Opens, Forwards and Shares. Built-in processing of deliverability, bounces and spam.
Email Marketing
All Freelancer and E-Commerce accounts receive complimentary access to MEGAPHONE, our best-in-class Email Marketing Platform.
Powered by Plugins
Our REACT Website Builder uses simple code blocks, allowing you to add functionality easily.
No Programming Required
Absolutely no programming is required to add features to your website. Just drag and drop a plugin onto your webpage and you're done.
Library of Plugins
We've built a library of plugins for you to choose from.
Our plugins unlock powerful tools for you to add functionality to your website.
Build Your Own
Our plugin facility allows you to create custom plugins for just about any connectivity or functionality you want. Easily.

We're Real Humans! And we're here to help. Meet us.